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Construction Accidents

Every year construction site accidents claim the health, the careers and unfortunately sometimes the life of construction workers. The Labor Law of the State of New York and the Industrial Code seek to protect construction workers by setting forth certain standards of care designed to keep construction sites safe and to afford protection for its workers. Unfortunately, owners, developers and construction general contractors although charged with this responsibility often sacrifice safety for profits by failing to provide safety devices and/or failing to properly supervise and coordinate the various trades on construction sites. The Courts in New York are charged with interpreting those Labor Laws and deciding the liability of owners and/or general contractors with reference to job site safety. In recent years, the Courts have sought to narrowly interpret these Labor Laws to make it more difficult for workers to obtain justice.

It is for this reason that you need a lawyer who has the experience in construction, litigation and methodology and is able to offer a jury a compelling presentation of evidence. Whether your accident involves a crane, scaffold, ladder, or whether your accident occurred while using a construction device such as a hoist or whether debris was improperly left on site and you were caused to trip and fall, the lawyers at Calano & Culhane, LLP, are well equipped to litigate against the owners and general contractors.

If you are a construction worker who sustained injury on the job please call for a free consultation. We will provide you with a clear and prompt analysis of your claim and will fight hard for you.